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In the history of the famous gambling houses were quite a few big wins, which are still at the hearing. Cases, they are usually not those who sat for months at the gaming table, and those who have not played the "before" and did not make bets "after."

So, Londoner Ashley Revel went to Las Vegas with the sum of $ 135,500. He sold his house and almost all the things. Arriving at the casino, he put all that amount on red, and after a few moments of nervous tension roulette ball was on the seven red. Since then, Mr. Revel has not made a single bid, preferring to enjoy double the wealth.

But, perhaps, in any frame does not fit the story that happened to Elmer Sherwin. This man twice in his life hit the jackpot, winning a total of 26 million dollars! The first time was in 1989, and 16 years later Elmer repeated success. This man - truly a favorite of fortune!

Another lucky can be called the New Yorker Ralph R. This gentleman won a jackpot of $ 320,449 dollars, and the same day his wife gave him a child. What could be better. Of course, most people recover in a casino with a specific purpose and faith in the success, but often benefit just those who does not set a specific task. Thus, the 25-year-old young man came to Las Vegas to compete basketball team and went to the casino only to pass the time. No one expected that he would be the winner of the biggest jackpot registered to date - 39.7 million dollars!

Today it is not necessary to go thousands of miles away, you can try your luck at online casinos, it is enough just to register on the site and fill up the electronic purse. But what are the payouts in the online casino. According to statistics, the biggest win in online casinos totaled $ 8 million. Of course, this is significantly less when compared with the amounts won in traditional gambling establishments. However, the virtual online casino provides a much greater level of security and comfort than real places.

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