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Cards are dealt to both the player bench ( in the online casino you have to press distribution): the player both findings, the dealer one indoor and one outdoor. control now goes to the player : if you have not got a blackjack, the player may ask for additional cards, stop and in some cases split your hand or double your bet.

When the player's hand is finished, start the dealer's hand is revealed and the paper that had been covered. As well as the player, the dealer also may ask for additional cards or stop, with two important exceptions.

The bank is forced to ask for the paper until it reaches at least a score of 16 and is obliged to stop if the score is 17. At the end of the dealer's hand is the winner decrees: who has the highest score wins the hand without unpacking In case of a tie there are neither wins nor losses.

If after deploying the player has a pair of identical cards, may decide to split the cards and play two hands complemented, doubling your bet. The doubling is allowed instead a result of the distribution regardless of the cards received and allows you to double your bet by asking one and only one additional card.

Insurance is a side bet that the player can perform when the dealer's up card is an ace, and has an amount that is half of the main bet. If the dealer has blackjack the insurance pays 2 to 1 and the other bets are losers, if you do not have insurance is a loser and the hand continues normally.

If you are playing in an online casino in the lower part of the screen are all the buttons that allow you to perform various actions during the game. Some of them are not operated if there is no suitable conditions, such as the division of the hand. If a player wins with a blackjack winnings are paid 3 to 2, for example, if the bet is € 10, the payout is € 25. In all other situations, the win double your bet.

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