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The sequence of events red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red and so on up to 1000 or 100,000 is still in this universe, fully equivalent to another like red, red, black, red, black, black, black, red, etc.. . As well as the fact that the output of 34 today, not minimally reduces the probability that the 34 can exit again tomorrow. There are several mathematical proofs for what I say, always assuming that the extraction is done with tools sufficiently random and no face makeup, but I will not bore you and I just wonder if what I write is not true, what should you expect happen when red comes at a Casino Roulette Champion.

We could imagine a little man, maybe a little old man, that somewhere marks the release in a heavy tome, makes the bill and, on the basis of a criterion of fairness says: "now that came out three times in the red, it is fair it comes out a bit 'black, otherwise it is not fair. " Do not want to disappoint anyone, especially those who still believe in Santa Claus, but justice is a foreign concept to the physics of our universe and the old man does not exist. Safe ((I speak not about Santa Claus, it may take a child from these parts and do not want to take responsibility.)).

The more seasoned, however, those who went to high school, they thought surely the law of large numbers, also known as the empirical law of the case or Bernoulli's theorem . This law, if k and z ((we are!)), two independent events are equally likely ((for example, the two sides of a coin thrown on top)), making a large enough number of runs, the number of events k will be quite similar to the number of events. Roughly speaking, if we have the time and patience to flip a coin ten or twenty billion times, in the end, more or less, we'll head in 50% of cases and in the remaining 50 cross % of cases. Why does this happen, Simple question that could lead to different responses difficult. I usually answer, because there is no final design and the universe is totally indifferent to our existence. Yet a time philosophy has not started yet, so we reason about this history of the law of large numbers. Let us leave aside those who, on television, you are selling the numbers.

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