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If you do not like to play against a computer system, the Live casino are just the thing for you: real croupier, male or female, are waiting for you at the table live. Playing live is very simple, you just need to register as usual casino site and access the Live section. You will be given all the information to start playing video link.

Even in live casino bonus available on initial payments, in most cases with very low play trough.  During the games you can see in real time all the actions that take place, and you can share a table with other players connected at the same time. The first version of the online casino, what we call classical, is based on the use of software that manages all the games and the outcome of the bet in a completely random and automated.

The so-called RANG has the task of generating a huge number of possible outcomes for playing among them is selected using a random algorithm to the current game. Some players, however, do not like the simplicity of this type of game. For this reason, many online casinos have introduced a new game mode, which allows you to make their bets by displaying on the screen of the device used to play real tables, behind which take place real dealers that use cards and chips the same as those used in casino common citizens.

Connection is via a web cam placed on the table in front of the headquarters of the casino, but only the player can see the casino staff, while the croupier display only the actions of the players who are on the other end of the line.

The players in fact have the ability to perform certain actions depending on the table selected by the command placed under the window in which you view the real-time video of the game in progress. In this way you not only have the feel of a game more realistic, but you can share a table with other players connected at the same time, just as in real casinos.

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