Course Diagrams
2nd April 2016

Course and Venue Diagrams


Points of Interest

  1. First downhill section on the bike. Grass & mud.
  2. Short loop with muddy descent and steep climb on the bike.
  3. Mirador viewpoint overlooking both the bike and run.
  4. Large iron water pipe. Bikes ride beneath along the track; runners crouch to pass underneath it three times.
  5. Steep muddy descent leading to the first river crossing of the run.
  6. For the run: River crossings, water gardens, waterfall & bamboo tunnel.
  7. Viewpoint on hill looking over the lake and far into the tea fields including views of single track (no 12) and Kanaka. Short, steep climb on the run.
  8. View of the run passing below.
  9. Viewpoint into the jungle (no 10).
  10. Hidden clearing in the jungle of Travellers Trees. Technical descent for the runners with a water crossing followed by a tough climb.
  11. Runners cross the dam as part of their tour of the lake.
  12. Bike: Single track in the tea fields with narrow rocky section.
  13. Small planted forest of palm trees.

Points of Interest

There are several river crossings on the course. Most can be ridden without a problem but if there has been a lot of rain then you might have to dismount and cross on foot.

There are a couple of points noted below where special care should be taken especially if you are not a regular mountain biker.

  1. Single track in the tea fields with narrow rocky section – attention.
  2. Water crossing followed by a sharp left turn into a muddy track.
  3. Sharp left turn into single track lined with tea trees and the novembrier plant – followed by steep river crossing – attention, dismount recommended to cross river.
  4. Long moderate climb up through the tea fields. Rocky in places.
  5. Beautiful, hidden tea field with moderate ups and down and a river crossing.
  6. Climb towards and descent from Trou Kanaka. Rocky downhill track on the first descent followed by a short, steep climb to a single track section.


  • Access to transition is restricted to competitors and officials only.
  • Bikes must not be ridden inside transition (the whole area marked in yellow). The mount / dismount points will be indicated and marshalled.
  • There will be officials in transition to assist you and ensure the rules of transition are followed.
  • Duathletes will enter transition from their first run using the same route up from the lake as the swimmers.
  • Teams: Cyclists will wait far their swimmers (triathlon) or runners (duathlon) at the entrance of transition. Runners will wait for their cyclists at the exit of transition.
  • Split times will be taken by the race timer at the exit of transition.